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Trusted Partners

Successful buy-to-let is a business, not just an income, and that means sourcing the right team of professionals to look after your investment throughout the process. 

Feel free to make yourself acquainted with our trusted partners, or please ask for a personal introduction - we’d be delighted to help ease the process. 

Trusted Solicitor
Trusted Solicitor

Grant McCall, AMD Solicitors
Commercial Solicitor & Director
DD: 0117 973 3989

Trusted Accountant
Trusted Accountant

Phil Jones, Wilkinson & Partners
Chartered Tax Advisor
DD: 0117 921 1222

Trusted Estate Agent

Mark Leese, Leese & Nagle
Estate Agent & Partner
0117 974 1741

Trusted Mortgage Advisor

Ian Stuart, Ian Stuart Mortgages
Mortgage Advisor & Owner

5 Princes Buildings

Call Ian Stuart direct on:
07888 838843