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Buy-to-Profit Help

Buy-to-Profit Help

Whether you're investing in buy-to-let for the first time or you've being doing it for years, there is an art to winning at property investment, and we're keen to make it the safest bet possible. 

As letting agents and estate agents covering Bristol, we recognise our value as your 'ear to the ground' - as an active source of information around what's selling, what's renting, what's considered good value, which properties hold their value and which areas of Bristol are worth taking a punt on for greater returns. 

We want to work with you from the outset, either helping you identify the right property to invest in that suits your budget and your needs, or helping to nurture an existing portfolio to ensure you're getting maximum value, staying on top of the paperwork and enjoying all the benefits of successful buy-to-let. 

In short, we don't just want to be your letting agent, we invite you to work with us as your 'partner in property', to help make buy-to-let work for you long-term.

As your 'partner in property', we can also offer you the following benefits:

Our buy-to-let shopper service

We've designed this service to help take the hard work and gamble out of buy-to-let property investment.

Everything you need to know about this exclusive service can be found on our Buy-to-Let Personal Shopper page including some insights from satisfied customers.


Our annual buy-to-let seminars

Year-on-year we hold a series of topical buy-to-let seminars, inviting a host of our trusted partners to accompany Peter Ellis in presenting the latest and most valuable information around how to succeed in buy-to-let. 

New seminars will be announced via our 'Landlords' Lowdown' monthly email update, and videos/podcasts will be made available for those who can't make it. 

Our monthly 'Landlords' Lowdown'

Month-on-month we send out our 'Landlords' Lowdown' email update, packed full of new insights and ideas around how to win at buy-to-let, plus signposts to all the best new blogs on our website from the month gone by.  

To sign up for our 'Landlords' Lowdown' email update, click here and complete the enquiry form.  

Our specialist buy to let estate agency service

We've been frustrated by the service provides by many (but not all) estate agents when it comes to purchasing an investment property which is why we’ve opened our own estate agency services designed specifically for those looking to buy or sell a buy-to-let property.

Our knowledge of the Bristol rental market and understanding that buy-to-let properties are not just bricks and mortar but going concerns which need to be sold as such means we can provide a significantly better service for landlords looking to buy or sell properties from their portfolios.

Find out more about how we can help here or give the team a call on 0117 973 9394.

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