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Clevedon is the new Clifton

Last week I said that Southmead is the new Clifton and I was wrong, what was I thinking?  Of course Southmead isn’t the new Clifton …because Clevedon is the new Clifton

Look at the evidence Clevedon sounds a bit like Clifton ergo Clevedon is the new Clifton. 

Seriously if you are fed up of the students, the drunks clogging up the streets of an evening the lack of parking but you like the shops restaurants and bars.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have what Clifton has to offer without all the aggro that comes with it and pay significantly less for the privilege?   

The area around Hill Street has a definite Clifton Village feel about it.  There are lots of quirky interesting independent shops nice food shops and lovely bars restaurants and coffee shops.  Parking is free and relatively easy to find and people smile at you and say hello.  In fact it’s like Clifton 25 years ago.  Alexandra Rd and Hill Rd are the equivalent of  Princess Victoria Street and The Mall with Alexandra Rd having Sixways Sports a proper sports shop the kind of sport’s shop that will sell a cricket bat in December a stunning music shop, Saker Stationery is the kind of stationers that makes you wonder why all shops can’t be like this. 

Hill Road on the other hand is more food and drink orientated with Murrays delicatessen and restaurant, Junior Poon and Pullins bakers.  The only blot on the landscape is a Sainsbury’s local in the middle of Hill Rd.  In addition Clevedon has The Curzon cinema one of the oldest continuously running cinemas in Britain which is one of the best cinemas in the area.  Oh and by the way Clevedon is by the sea did I not mention that?  The seafront is pretty with lovely pubs cafes and ice cream parlours and a pier

So are prices that much cheaper?   Last week we rented a 3 bedroom 2 reception apartment on Alexandra Road for £1,050 per calendar month.  We also let a 3 bedroom apartment in The Mall in Clifton at a rental of £1,500 per month.  So for £450 per month less you get a property that is probably 25% bigger

Looking to buy in the Hill Rd area this Grade 2 listed 5 bed detached house on Hill Rd is currently on the market for £675,000 with Savills.  How does that compare with Clifton.  Richard Harding have a five bedroom Terraced house on Belgrave Rd for £1,350,000 exactly double the price of the property in Clevedon. 

Forget that I ever said Southmead was the new Clifton, if you want quality property in a great location but at significantly lower prices then there is no argument Clevedon is the new Clifton