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5 Reasons Why I Hate Bristol

5 reasons to hate Bristol!

According to The Sunday Times, Bristol is the best place in the UK to live due to its nightlife, plentiful jobs and quality of life, amongst other endearing qualities. But is Bristol really all that?

Hmm I'll admit, I love this city, no let me rephrase that I really love this city, but that doesn't mean that I ignore its faults.

Here are my 5 reasons why I intensely dislike Bristol (sometimes)

1. The Politicians

Bristol has been badly served by its politicians over the years. They have ducked difficult decisions due to the expediency of re-election. The next four reasons could all have been sorted if it wasn't for the politicians. (George Ferguson, you'll do well to read on).

2. The Traffic

The city is disappearing up its own backside. Bristol is officially the congestion-capital of England with the slowest traffic of any major city, including London. This has an adverse effect on all our lives. The city's public transport has always been on the bad side of appalling and when there was a window of opportunity to build a tram system, guess what? Yes, Bristol's politicians bottled it.

3. Lack of Ambition

This city has always gone AWOL when it has come to big decisions. While cities like Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle have forged ahead with major projects, Bristol has sat on the fence and watched. Look at the time it has taken to get a major arena for the city, when everyone knew that the city was crying out for one and that there was a perfect location available close to Temple Meads.

4. Education

Bristol has more private school places per head of population than any other major city in the UK, because historically our comprehensive schools have been appalling.

Even our current Mayor George Fergusson admitted to me personally that he couldn't face sending his children to his local Bristol school - or go private - so he managed to get them into Backwell's schools instead!

5. Its Size

Whoever drew up the borders of Bristol, when Avon was dissolved, made it too small especially to the north and the east. Why does Bristol end half way along Filton Avenue or Two Mile Hill?

What's that all about?

In order for Bristol to punch its weight it needs to be bigger, and that means expanding the borders to the M4/M5 and the ring road in the north, effectively bringing Bradley Stoke, Kingswood and Downend (amongst others) under the City of Bristol banner.

A larger city would bring many benefits to the city not least of which could be a proper integrated transport system.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why I think Bristol has plenty more work to do before it can truly rest on its crown as The Sunday Times Best Place to Live in Britain 2014, and why I loathe this city sometimes!

What really grates you about Bristol sometimes? C'mon, this is your opportunity to give us your grumble!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Peter Ellis

P.s. All that said, this really is the best city to live in and I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else!