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Why a Managing Agent is a Wise Investment

Own or live in a flat or apartment? Let me ask you an important question:

Are you clear on who looks after all the bits of the property outside of your flat? Things like keeping the stairways clean and lit, paying the building insurance and keeping the building decorated?

In virtually every block of flats, whether purposely built or converted into flats, a management company will be set up requiring the flat leaseholders to become members. The purpose of the management company is that it is charged with the responsibility of managing the overall building.

In concept this sounds good; Every owner mucking in to ensure their building is clean safe and well maintained. However, the reality is often not so rosey. People are busy, views can often be diametrically opposed, and without continuous research new rules and regulations can be completely overlooked.

Managing agents are professionals who act on the Management Company’s behalf to do this leg work. Letting agents and estate agents generally have a preference for properties with Managing Agents (sometimes called Block Managers) because they can have more confidence the building will be properly managed.

Not all managing agents are the same. They can vary from national companies to one man outfits, and it is important that you get the right outfit for your property. We have recently teamed up with PM Property Management, a local company with a really professional approach to its service delivery.

Don’t risk your building not being managed properly, get a Managing Agent you can trust, work with them, and rest easy about your investment.