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What to listen and watch in the current crisis

I’m booored – 5 podcasts and TV shows on streaming to help you get through self-isolation

So you have re-categorised your CD collection.  The shed roof has been fixed, you decided to learn Italian – how’s that going?  Into week two of lockdown and you are climbing the walls with boredom.  What you need is entertaining and here are five podcasts and five shows on streaming services that might help


  1. A word in your ear David Hepworth and Mark Ellen are two friends and respected rock and pop journalists credits include editing Smash Hits in the 1980’s and launching Q magazine.  They invite a guest along to talk about pop and rock.  There are over 300 podcasts and subjects covered are as diverse as the history of prog to writing TV theme music. 
  2. Lineker and Baker behind closed doors Gary Lineker and Danny Baker meet in Gary Lineker’s kitchen and talk football.  Gary talks about what its like to be a professional footballer like what’s it like to be on the subs bench to how does a transfer work and Danny talks about random football related stuff, like “What have you used for goalposts or have you played football under the influence”
  3. Kermode and Mayo’s film reviewJust as Jaws isn’t about a shark (it is really)  so Kermode and Mayo’s film review isn’t about films.  It’s two blokes wittering on with films as the backdrop.  Mark Kermode’s rants are legendary his rant about Sex and the city 2 is a particular favourite – Remember to say hello to Jason Isaacs
  4. The Archers omnibus The most recognised theme tune in radio.  75 minutes of catching up with the people of Ambridge.  At the moment I’m worried about the explosion at Grey Gables and Linda Snell.  The only place in the UK not affected by Covid 19.
  5. 50 things that made the modern economy Tim Harford looks at an invention or idea that has helped transform society and our economy everything from slot machines to barcodes.  It is in 15 minute episodes so it’s snappy and entertaining

Shows on streaming sites

  1. Queer Eye (Netflix) – 5 gay men help someone improve their life through interior design, grooming, fashion, food and emotional support.  Essential things you need to know about the fab 5.  Anthony can’t cook, Tan loves a French tuck, Karamo does the least, Bobby works the hardest and everyone loves Jonathan.  A completely uplifting show that pretty much brings me to tears at least once in every episode.  Ideal for the current climate
  2. Man in the high castle (Amazon Prime) – Drama about what America would be like if Nazi Germany and Japan had won the war – or did they?  Rufus Sewell is John Smith an American GI who has become head of the SS in New York.  A compelling drama that makes you question what reality is
  3. Ozark (Netflix) – Jason Bateman is an IFA who is forced to launder money for the Mexican drugs cartel and move his family from the big city to the Ozark lakes.  Series 3 has just been released.  Stunning drama right up there with Breaking Bad which brings me to ……
  4. Better Call Saul (Netflix) – The prequel to Breaking Bad follows the story of how lawyer Jimmy McGill becomes the Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad.  A slow burner compared with Breaking Bad but none the worse for that.  Excellent performances all round and we get to meet some old friends from BB
  5. The Marvellous Mrs Maisel (Amazon Prime) – Sassy snappy tale of a female stand up in 1950’s New York.  Any comparison to the early life of Joan Rivers is purely coincidental.  It looks great, the period detail is spot on.  The cast are perfect from the put upon father of Mrs Maisel to the foul mouthed manager.  It is a delight, and her stand up routines are good on their own without the drama around it.  I’m counting the days until series 4

So there you are 5 podcasts and five shows to help you pass the time and better than watching reruns of Cash in the attic