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Five things to do other than watch Tiger King

So we’ve all watched Tiger King right?  #teamjoeexotic.  Spooks is back on I-player and I’ve discovered that every episode of The Phil Silvers Show (Sergeant Bilko) is in YouTube but surely there are other things we can do to keep us amused other than being sat in front of a telly.  I am here to help, here are my five things to do other than watch box sets

  1. The ask Alexa game –Choose a group or Artist for example the Beatles.  Get everyone in your household to write down what they think Alexa will play first.  Go to your smart speaker and say “Alexa play The Beatles from Spotify”  Alexa will play the most streamed track by that artist if you get it right you win.  By the way if you ask Alexa to play The Beatles you might be in for a surprise.  The only clue I’m going to give is that its not a Lennon and McCartney song
  2. Owzthat –  If you’re missing cricket, then why not play Owzthat.  A game of virtual cricket played with two hexagonal die.  I thought Owzthat went out with Angel Delight and the Ford Cortina but no it is still going strong.  It is available from Amazon or there are vintage sets on Ebay so order yourself a set and get playing
  3. Pokerface – Zoom meets poker.  Invite your friends to join you in a virtual poker night via the Pokerface app.  Like zoom you can see each other and chat but with a virtual dealer dealing the cards.  The game is Texas Hold ‘em the money isn’t real but the trash talk is
  4. A virtual record group.  Like a book group but with record.  Each week a host chooses an album for discussion.  The group listens to it and virtually meets via zoom or other similar apps.  This is a great way to listen to things that is not on your usual playlist.  You might be pleasantly surprised or not.   The Incredible String Band for example
  5. Cryptic Crosswords –  The first thing people say when you mention cryptic crosswrods (anag) is usually I don’t know where to start.  Well help is at hand. will explain how to decode the clues and the tricks of the trade.  Most papers have a main crossword and a quick cryptic which is ideal for beginners the quick crossword in The Grauniad (anag) is a good starting point

So here are some things to do to relieve theboredom.  Of course you could get fit, learn a language, bake cakes, sew or just sit in front of the telly, but wouldn't you rather be rolling a hexagonal dice and wondering whether this time England will beat the Aussies?