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Five things I've discovered in Lockdown

Five things I’ve discovered in lockdown

  1. The Incredible String Band – I’ve known about them for years but never got round to actually listening to them partly because I dislike the beardy, real ale drinking fingers in your ear image of the typical folkie.  But like all of us, I’ve had the time to listen to new stuff, and my goodness they are good.  Great tunes, humorous and quirky vocals.  If you are looking for an intro, try The Hedgehog Song or Letter
  2. Jack Reacher – A friend came to our house before lockdown and left a Jack Reacher book for me.  It was put away never to be read.  As lockdown progressed I started to run out of books, so I picked up The Jack Reacher, it’s not great literature but it is very readable.  The very definition of a “page turner” well written with a story that rattles along.  I’m now five books in.  Thank you Karl for the intro
  3. Working from home -  I am writing this from my study at home.  Nothing strange in that you may say, but before lockdown “working  from home” meant sitting in my pyjamas eating cereal on the sofa watching old episodes of Wheeler Dealers  Now working from home actually means working from home  I sit at my desk open my laptop and work.  Who knew that was a thing
  4. Wearing a suit is overrated – I have worn a jacket and tie pretty much every working day since 1984.  Since March 20th I’ve not gone near a suit.  Has my work suffered?  No   Do people take me less seriously?  People didn’t take me seriously beforehand so no.   Am I less professional?  Not at all.  After many years of confusion I now understand the meaning of “smart casual”
  5. Fantastic local companies – Lockdown has brought the best out of local suppliers.  When we get back to normal Tim Martin of Wetherspoons ,Michael O’Reilly of RyanAir and Mike Ashley of Sports Direct House of Fraser and Evans Cycless can all “do one”  My default is can I source this service or product locally if so why use a corporate?  Here are just a few companies that have really stepped up to the plate in lockdown

Beacon MaintenanceBen and his team at Beacon Maintenance have been helping our tenants with their maintenance issues throughout this unpleasantness.  They have turned up on time every time and kept always with a smile on their face

Elworthy Office Supplies –  Always helpful and knowledgeableDespite what you might believe they are comparable in price with the big boys like Viking.  Highly recommended

Clarity Copiers Lee from Clarity can find ink cartridges in lockdown and deliver them next day – That is service.  Not only that he came out at short notice when our printer decided not to work.  If you are looking for a photocopier/printer then Lee is the man. 

Kates KitchenWhat do you do if you are an events caterer and you don’t have any events?  You reinvent yourself as a ready meal provider, and what ready meals.  We had the mezze picnic delivered to us which was superb.  Plenty of great locally sourced food at a reasonable price.  What’s not to like